A clear need was identified across the market that the current closed wound drainage reservoirs available are not optimal and needed improvement with regards to vacuum and how they connect to the variety of sizes and type of drains available.

Xperience the Xpella Difference. Xpella is a portable device, designed to revolutionise wound drainage. Xpella is an innovative system which provides a constant vacuum from start to finish without the need for an external energy source and an innovative connector to secure any drain connected to the Xpella reservoir.

Xpella was developed by a team of engineers, nurses and expert consultants to meet the needs of the closed wound drainage market. It achieves an industry-leading CONSTANT vacuum from activation to emptying of the reservoir. A lockable mechanism prevents disconnection of the reservoir stopping unwanted spillage. Xpella has universal compatibility with drains of all sizes from 10 to 24Fr/CH. It uses y connectors which allows you to connect one or two drains simultaneously. Xpella safely hangs on the side of the patient's bed at all times and a clear indicator shows if it is on empty or vacuum. Xpella is easy to activate and easy to empty.

NuAngle is proud to be the developer, manufacturer and distributor of Xpella.