Coloplast® was established in 1957 and, today, our products are marketed and sold all over the world. In all segments of the company, Coloplast® is guided by our founders’ passion and commitment to people with intimate healthcare needs. Over decades, we have gained invaluable knowledge through working directly with healthcare professionals and the people who use our products.

We will be a trusted guide for consumers in a world of information overload – and a stronger partner with clinicians who are the experts in caring and healing. At Coloplast®, we strive to be a greater resource for everyone by setting the global standard for listening and responding.

Our surgical urology range offers the latest techniques and devices developed through many years of research in cooperation with our surgeon partners (urologists and gynaecologists) and innovative instrumentation for procedures.

With rates of kidney stone disease on the rise in the developed world, effective treatment options and management devices are more important than ever. Our portfolio for percutaneous access stone removal offers a complete range of accessories and kits. Coloplast® offers a wide range of products designed specifically for managing lower urinary tract dysfunction.


Since 2006, Porges™ is part of Coloplast group. Porges™ is conceiving, developing, manufacturing and selling worldwide medical disposable devices for the hospital management of urologic and gynecologic disorders. 

Porges™ has remained a specialists in the field for more than 100 years and our devices are used and respected worldwide. We maintain our reputation through high quality products, access to the latest techniques and devices and through recognized expertise and know-how.

General Urology and Surgery

Our General Urology range, proposes all disposable surgical devices required for handling prostate disorders, from the diagnosis (biopsy) to the treatment (prostatic catheters, bladder evacuator, post-operative bags); and also addressing bladder and suprapubic drainage, urethral strictures, voiding dysfunctions, Bladder Outflow Obstruction and other urological conditions.

Additionally, our portfolio includes a wide range of drains and a high quality suction/irrigation device for laparoscopy (Elefant).



In Endourology, Porges-Coloplast offers a wide range of disposable products for stone management like:

- Dormia® stone extractors: N.Stone®, No-Tip
- Ureteral stents: ImaJin®(silicone), Vortek®, Biosoft®Duo 
- Access sheath: Retrace®
- Guidewires: Orchestra
- Percutaneous Nephrostomy kit: Kolibri®
- Ballon dilation: In-Ka® 

We have extended our line with a new innovative digital solution to remove ureteral stents in one step: ISIRIS. The product is a combination between a single use flexible cystoscope with an integrated grasper and a reusable portable device.


Female Pelvic Health: slings (Altis, Aris), and lightweight meshes (Restorelle), to treat stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapses.
Men’s Health: male sling (Virtue), inflatable penile implants (Titan Touch), as well as malleable implants (Genesis) to treat erectile dysfunction.